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I found an iMac in the TRASH... can we fix it?

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Paul Tingley
Paul Tingley
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The other day I found a 21.5 inch iMac discarded in the trash room in my apartment building, so I snatched it and today we're going to try to fix it up! Even though it might be old or broken, it's never a good idea to throw out your old tech. Today I'll show that with some elbow grease and a few bucks in parts you can fix up a broken machine like this and save it from the landfill!

time stamps
0:00 What a trash find
2:35 Testing the iMac
4:00 How much to fix it?
5:25 Why this Mac was thrown out
6:33 Let's fix it!
8:48 Disassembly
12:14 Upgrades :)
15:34 Massive improvement!
17:30 Was it cost effective?

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