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FlippyDrive FIRST LOOK! Solderless Modchip For GameCube!

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Mariella Cassar
Mariella Cassar
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New Gamecube Optical Drive Emulator is “Flipping” Fantastic | Flippy Drive

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The Gamecube just got an all new Optical Drive Emulator, and it’s called the Flippy Drive! It’s unlike any optical drive emulator we’ve seen before because usually an ODE will replace the optical drive. In the case of the Flippy Drive, you can keep it! So you can play both your physical library of games and load them off of an SD card. Additionally instead of using Swiss, the team developed their own custom software called Cube Boot which has a User Interface with a beautiful looking aesthetic, almost like Nintnedo designed it themselves! Anyway, let’s take a look!

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0:00 Intro
4:47 Parts Included In Flippy Drive Kit
7:02 Flippy Drive Installation Tutorial (EASY!)
13:23 Features
16:19 Pros and Cons
18:53 Future of Flippy Drive

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