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Paul Tingley
1 Views · 2 months ago

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The other day I found a 21.5 inch iMac discarded in the trash room in my apartment building, so I snatched it and today we're going to try to fix it up! Even though it might be old or broken, it's never a good idea to throw out your old tech. Today I'll show that with some elbow grease and a few bucks in parts you can fix up a broken machine like this and save it from the landfill!

time stamps
0:00 What a trash find
2:35 Testing the iMac
4:00 How much to fix it?
5:25 Why this Mac was thrown out
6:33 Let's fix it!
8:48 Disassembly
12:14 Upgrades :)
15:34 Massive improvement!
17:30 Was it cost effective?

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Paul Tingley
1 Views · 2 months ago
Thanks to Secretlab for being the title sponsor of LMG Clips this year! Check out their ergonomic gaming chairs at the link above. Your back will thank you!

Spotify will be rendering every “Car Thing” accessory non-functional e-waste as of December of this year, only three years after it first went on sale.

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Paul Tingley
1 Views · 2 months ago


Produced by Kinsey:
Edited by:
Aron Goodall:
Eric Ramirez:

Chapter Titles
0:00 Hello and Welcome
0:16 Addressing rumor
2:32 New Black Ops??
4:37 Gamepass goin up in price?
5:37 What a Microsoft and Valve Partnership will look like
6:29 Historian Austin and the Steam deck lore
11:06 New game leak?
12:33 Matt’s daily wow lesson
15:49 Byyyeee

Paul Tingley
1 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Spend My 34 Hour Reset With Me | Beach + Running Errands

Mariella Cassar
2 Views · 7 months ago

ride along with me as we head over into California in nothing but rain snow and traffic #peterbilt #caterpiller #strightpipe

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

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The Automotive Dedicated Channel
#scchannelbg the video filmed inside and outside at Solutrans 2023 Lyon
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Mariella Cassar
2 Views · 7 months ago

Hi everyone! Here's another part about Quadra V-Tech assembly from Cyberpunk 2077. In the last series I was busy with making the back. Now I continue working on it as well and will try to make all the missing elements.

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

2024 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid: ugly...NO MORE! Get ready to be amazed by the car that's been setting new standards in hybrid technology for over 20 years. Buckle up and enjoy a new Johnny POV ride! 🚗💨

Shout out to our sponsor: Ekster Wallets! Get your Ekster carbon fiber card holder here 👉 And make sure you use the checkout code "JPOV" for an EXTRA DISCOUNT!

In this new POV review, we were very pleasantly surprised by the NEW Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. For the first time in 5 generations, the Prius actually is a beautiful car, even sporty looking. And what's more, it's the fastest Prius ever, yet still very eco-friendly. Is this still the best plug-in hybrid you can buy?

So join me for a walkaround, drive and interior tour of the new Toyota Prius!

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👂 We Want to Hear from You: Drop your thoughts, questions, and experiences with the Prius Plug-In Hybrid in the comments below. Join our community of eco-conscious drivers!

#toyotaprius #pluginhybrid #newprius a big thank you to @toyotausa & @ToyotaEurope for the support!

- color: Mustard
- wheels: 19" machined black alloy (10-spoke)
- 2.0L PHEV engine
- Front-wheel drive
- CVT Transmission

- Power: 223 hp
- 0 to 100 km/h: 6.8 sec

- Smart Entry & Start System
- Rear View Camera
- Heated steering wheel
- Heated front seats
- 12.3" multimedia display
- Black fabric upholstery

2024 Prius Plug-in PRICE:
- Europe: from € 48.020 incl. VAT (Premium Plus)
- US $ 32,675 MSRP (Prime SE)

What's inside:
0:00 Introduction
00:25 Prius walkaround
01:10 2024 Prius under the hood
01:33 Toyota Prius startup
02:02 driving
02:23 Toyota Prius 0 to 100
02:50 highway driving
03:31 Toyota Prius acceleration
04:00 Prius plug-in hybrid range & consumption
04:21 2024 Prius interior tour
05:33 Prius rear seats
06:23 2024 Toyota Prius trunk

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

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#videogames #retrogames #collector

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

From a bare block to a fully assembled engine -- that's the theme of this video as we build the glorious N/A S65B40 V8 engine for the E9x M3. Step-by-step engine assembly with detailed information, procedures, and torque specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Mariella Cassar
3 Views · 7 months ago

New solo adventure to the mountain forest with a tarpaulin bushcraft tent. Welcome to the woods of incredible different mushrooms and sound of wild nature!

Today was variable weather and the wind rose. I set up the camp with stove on soft moss with mountain view through the trees 🌲
In this video
-I practicing my primitive bushcraft skills with New Axe🪓
-Picking full basket of autumn mushrooms for dish and home ;
-Cooking delicious lunch and dinner on wood stove with New knife 🔪 ;
-Enjoying the view, fresh air and smell of mountain forest

Relax with me outdoor! Thank You for watching!

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#solo #bushcraft #camping

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

F-16 fighter Pilot flies F-16 in DCS and shoots down enemy fighter jets. Support this channel by becoming a patron:

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Mariella Cassar
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Merry Christmas everyone! Come along for a drive through Toronto with me to another tight jobsite. Requiring splitting the trains and backing down a long pathway to the jobsite! At the end of the day I'm pulled over by MTO, see if I survive!

2006 Peterbilt 379
CAT C15 MXS 650hp
B-Train Flatbed Trailers

Mariella Cassar
1 Views · 7 months ago

I saw this Reddit post today saying "My son's third-grade teacher taught my son that 1 divided by 0 is 0. I wrote her an email to tell her that it is not 0. She then doubled down and cc'ed the principal. The principal responded saying the teacher is correct... What do I do now?" Here's the original post:

I will show you my favorite way to explain why 1 divided by 0 is undefined at a 3rd grade level. I will also do a more detailed video later on my main channel @blackpenredpen

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#math #algebra #mathbasics

Demon Bowman
2 Views · 7 months ago

Fresh snow and a temperature of 0 degrees make it extremely slippery for the truck to back up on board the ship.
Will he make it??

Paul Tingley
1 Views · 7 months ago

Head to or scan the QR code on the screen and use code CHARALANAHZARD70 and they will give you an exclusive 70% off of their award-winning skincare trial set. On top of that you can SAVE BIG on the add-ons products of your choice when you add it to your trial. Thank yo u Geologie for sponsoring this video!

Gameplay used in this video is from Nintendo, @ChristopherOdd (Against The Storm), @TheBaldMan (Turbo Overkill), @LoopyLongplays (Dave The Diver), @lindengaming (Pizza Tower), @zhaingaming (Slay the Princess), @glp (Cocoon), and @IGN (Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania & The Talos Principle 2).

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Paul Tingley
4 Views · 7 months ago

Das Jahr neigt sich seinem Ende entgegen und wir lassen noch einmal die schönsten Momente aus einem Jahr "Fetter Loser im Exil" Revue passieren. Dazu gibt es die ganze erstmals die Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen und Szenen, die eigentlich in den Müll gehört hätten.
Auch, wenn mich die Technik heute gnadenlos im stich gelassen hat, wollte ich es mir nicht nehmen lassen, euch diesen Beitrag noch heute liefern.
#jahresrückblick #2023

Unser Zweitkanal "Loser Inside":

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0:00 – Einleitung
0:45 – Die zarten Anfänge
2:50 – Angriff aus dem Dunkeln
3:54 – Die Entstehung des Kanals
4:57 – Durchbruch mit dem ersten Video
6:25 – Das frühe Aus für den Kanal
7:35 – Eine unerwartete Rettungsaktion
8:35 – Ein neuer Fan-Kanal
9:46 – Die lustigsten Szenen aus 2023
12:03 – Pleiten, Pech und Pannen
15:32 – immer Ärger mit Büh
18:02 – The last Goodbye

Dieses Video ist zur reinen Unterhaltung und Information bestimmt.
Die Urheberrechte aller verwendeten Materialien, wie Bilder, Videos und Musik sind und bleiben das Eigentum der Urheber.
Ich erhebe keinerlei Anspruch an diesen Inhalten!
Zur Erstellung dieser Dokumentation berufe ich mich auf das Zitatrecht und fair use, zur Veranschaulichung der dargebotenen Informationen.

Paul Tingley
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Paul Tingley
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