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Best ATS Map DLC to Buy | Updated with the latest Nebraska DLC. Comparison of all American Truck Simulator Map DLCs.

Best ETS2 Map DLC -

Comparison on the basis of Map, Area, Number of Cities, Price and Release Date.
Poll results with 447 votes is shown along with explanation to know which Map DLC is liked the most and why. The Poll -

Arizona DLC is not included, since it's free.
Currently available ATS Map DLCs:
1. New Mexico
2. Oregon
3. Washington
4. Utah
5. Idaho
6. Colorado
7. Wyoming
8. Montana
9. Texas
10. Oklahoma
11. Kansas
12. Nebraska
0:00 Map
0:45 Area
1:00 Cities
1:12 Price
1:21 Release Date
1:37 BEST DLC - Poll Results
1:46 TOP 3 Voted (Explanation)
2:21 #4 to #12 (Explanation)
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From the original Grand Theft Auto on PS1 to Red Dead Redemption 2, I've played EVERY Rockstar game EVER!



In this video I go through almost 30 years of Rockstar games to see how much Rockstar has changed since it started after building games like GTA, Manhunt, Red Dead, and even Smugglers Run! Starting with 1997's Grand Theft Auto on the PlayStation 1 all the way to the unreleased Grand Theft Auto VI coming to Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5. I played through every single of one of them including one franchise that I'd say is a complete masterpiece.

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#gta #reddeadredemption #rockstar #zenkaigoose

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The many secrets and easter eggs of Tumbleweed explained.

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Intro Music:
Artist: Erlend Flatin
Title: The Dark Woods -

Video Music:
Artist: ZitronSound
Title: Redemption -
Artist: ZitronSound
Title: Whispers of the Wild West -
The Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Crush
1:15 Jeb
2:00 Estella
2:30 Railroad
3:22 Ghosts?
3:47 Freeman
5:02 Beast
6:10 Incident
7:16 Frank Heck
8:06 Ending Montage

Other videos:
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Hidden Dreamcatcher Quest Objective? (Mural Explained)
Giant Man's Identity Revealed (Red Dead Redemption 2)
The Most Mysterious Ped Models (Red Dead Redemption 2)
Why Arthur and John Should Never Get Drunk:
Help, Somebody!!:

#strangeman #rdr2 #reddeadredemption2

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Direct visual comparison of the recently released PlayStation 4 version of Rockstar's hit open-world western game, Red Dead Redemption and how it stacks up to the original release of the game on PlayStation 3.

Gameplay is being captured on a PlayStation 5 console via backwards compatibility. PS3 gameplay is captured directly on a PlayStation 3 console.

This video discusses the game's updated resolution, performance, any changes made to the gameplay mechanics, character models, environments, lighting, shadows, effects, and sound effects.

Stay tuned to this channel for a large-scale documentary on the History of the Red Dead Series, coming soon!

#reddeadredemption #rdr #directcomparison

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Lenovo Legion Go - 50+ Games Tested | 800p 1200p 1600p | AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme Handheld Gameplay Performance Test & Showcase

00:00 - Red Dead Redemption 2
00:21 - Helldivers 2
00:37 - Alan Wake 2
00:53 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
01:09 - Diablo 4
01:21 - Fortnite
01:38 - League of Legends
01:56 - Destiny 2
02:17 - Baldur's Gate 3
02:42 - The Last of Us Part 1
02:59 - Last Epoch
03:11 - Palworld
03:24 - Hogwarts Legacy
03:51 - EA Sports FC 24
04:13 - Forza Motorsport 8
04:26 - Grand Theft Auto 5
04:51 - Starfield
05:08 - God of War 3
05:39 - Mortal Kombat 1
06:00 - Sons of the Forest
06:26 - Star Wars Jedi Survivor
06:47 - Resident Evil 4 Remake
07:06 - Sonic Frontiers
07:25 - Suicide Squad
07:37 - Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
07:55 - Lies of P
08:10 - Prince of Persia The Lost Crown
08:26 - Persona 3 Reload
08:46 - Tekken 8
09:07 - Lego Fortnite
09:27 - Uncharted 2
09:47 - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
10:10 - Elden Ring
10:33 - Gears of War 2
10:53 - Banishers Ghosts of New Eden
11:14 - Call of Duty 2
11:33 - Nightingale
11:53 - Assassin's Creed Mirage
12:15 - Street Fighter 6
12:30 - Uncharted 3
13:08 - Skull and Bones
13:26 - Remnant 2
13:51 - Callisto Protocol
14:28 - Dead Space Remake
14:53 - Call of Duty Warzone 2
15:09 - God of War Ascension
15:45 - Persona 5 Tactica
16:09 - Resident Evil 3 Remake
16:33 - Immortals of Aveum
16:56 - Cyberpunk 2077 FSR3
17:31 - SpiderMan 2
18:01 - Like a Dragon Gaiden
18:30 - Resident Evil Village
19:10 - Demon's Souls
19:29 - Infamous 2
19:58 - Forspoken
20:18 - Granblue Fantasy Relink

All Tests contain a mixture of 800p, 1200p, 1600p and 20-30W TDP modes. Please check out my Full Lenovo Legion GO playlist below to see individual games in more detail!

Legion Go Full Gameplay Playlist -

Thank you for watching!

📖 Lenovo Legion GO
Ryzen Z1 Extreme
BIOS 23WW - 29WW


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Experience the heart-wrenching tale of Red Dead Online's unexpected downfall with Hazard. Delve into the sad story of Red Dead Online as we explore its tragic history and unravel the reasons behind its demise. From the highs of its initial release to the lows of abandonment by Rockstar Games, witness the sad saga unfold. Join us as we reflect on the once-thriving world of Red Dead Online and pay tribute to its legacy. Discover the unforeseen challenges that led to the downfall of this beloved game and reminisce about the memories it created. RIP Red Dead Online - your sad story will never be forgotten.




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👉🏻 How to Get GOLD FAST in Red Dead Online! The BEST Ways To Earn Gold Fast & Easy (RDR2)
👉🏻 The BEST Ways To Make MONEY Fast With EVERY ROLE in Red Dead Online! (RDR2 Money Guide)

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©️ The Unexpected Downfall Of Red Dead Online Video Uploaded by #hazard

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As part of Sony's last financial report, we saw that they have a total of 118 monthly active users on PSN. And it turns out it's a fairly even split across PS4 and PS5. On it's own that seems pretty normal considering PS5 is entering the back half of its life, with more console sales on the way. But it does raise an interesting talking point. Will PS4 be able to handle its legacy years better than something like PS3? I think so. And that's why we do be talkin' it up in hur. Ya dig?

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0:00 - The News From Sony's Financial Report
4:53 - PS4 Might Have Longer Legs, Here's Why
9:14 - How Far Will GTA VI Move The Needle?

#ps4 #ps5 #playstation

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SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! Tuesday May 28 2024 and this week we take a look at the new Red Dead updates Rockstar pushed out and give an RDR2 Online update review for you guys! More updates will come each Tuesday, and this week Rockstar is featuring their FIFTH new Red Dead Online 2024 update, HUGE DOUBLE MONEY ROLE BONUSES, All Role Equipment Discounts, Insane Weapon Discounts, Major Horse Discounts, Role Discounts, Fence and Madam Nazar Discounts, LIMITED STOCK CLOTHING and a cool FREE outfit and other changes in the new update this week. What are your thoughts on this news and update? Stay tuned for more by dropping a like if you found the video informed and subscribe if you are new to the channel! Catch my daily livestreams on Twitch too! Would love to chat and play with you. Below you can find out all the information on today's new update in Red Dead Online from Rockstar Games! The new Red Dead Online Update Newswire should release later today and we will review all the changes in FULL as well in a new video.



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👉🏻 The Downfall of Red Dead Online (Red Dead Documentary)
👉🏻 The NEW Red Dead Online UPDATE Has OVERPOWERED MONEY & Gold Farming Methods.. (RDR2)

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Let's play Dark Souls 3 PC gameplay walkthrough playthrough part 8. Welcome to my playthrough on Dark Souls 3.

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Dark Souls III is a 2016 action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. The third and final entry in the Dark Souls series, it is played in a third-person perspective, and players have access to various weapons, armour, magic, and consumables that they can use to fight their enemies. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the series, returned to direct the game after handing the development duties of Dark Souls II to others.

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Video enhancing the difference between 3 types of players in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Don't take this video seriously, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is to have fun!

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🚛 Parking a Triple Trailer in Trameri Company in ETS2:
🚛 ETS2 Players vs ATS Players:

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Rebuilding Truck In ETS2

#ets2 #ets2mods #eurotrucksimulator2

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Holiday Deal! Go to to get a 2-year plan at a huge discount plus 1 month free. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

Rockstar "remastered" the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy and it's been widely considered a bad move. However, I thought watching my boyfriend play this was absolutely hilarious, so even though it's bad...I laughed. 10/10 would remaster again.

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Check prices on Amazon below
Meta Quest III:

Bigscreen Beyond (not affiliate link):

Need a new wallpaper?

After finishing my racing simulator, there was just one thing left - VR. Today, we see whether the Bigscreen Beyond or the Meta Quest III can beat my triple screen setup.

Video gear
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Having a chat about the console version of Alaskan Road Truckers.

Step into the boots of an Alaskan Trucker

Experience the definitive truck driver simulation
Get behind the wheel and drive across the entire state of Alaska with dynamic weather and unpredictable road conditions. Become a trucking legend and get your cargo to its destination on time.
• Pick your route across diverse road conditions
• Expand and customize your truck collection
• Take on different jobs with a huge variety of cargo types

Get out of your truck…

Get your hands dirty with involved, in-depth truck maintenance. Look after your truck, stock up on supplies, and make sure you’re ready for your next journey.
• Maintain your truck to keep it on the road
• Upgrade your HQ and manage your business
• Visit stores and gas stations to pick up essential purchases and fuel
• Leave your cab to explore scenic landmarks and soak up the atmosphere

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Join Rockworth Gang

Welcome, fellow outlaws and gunslingers, to the ultimate guide to starting your journey in Red Dead Redemption 2! Get ready to saddle up and embark on an exhilarating quest as I show you the ropes to acquiring wealth, obtaining the best weaponry for absolutely free, and setting the stage for a successful playthrough in the untamed wilderness of the Wild West.
In this action-packed video, I'll share insider tips and tricks to help you navigate the challenges of RDR2 with ease. From clever money-making strategies to securing top-tier weapons without spending a dime, I'll arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in this harsh and unforgiving world.
But wait, there's more! Join me on an epic adventure filled with excitement and discovery as we embark on quests and uncover hidden treasures. With my expert guidance and your fearless spirit, there's no limit to what you can achieve in the sprawling landscapes of Red Dead Redemption 2.
So grab your hat, holster your weapon, and let's ride into the sunset together. The Wild West awaits, and with our combined wit and determination, there's no challenge we can't overcome. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime – adventure, wealth, and glory await!

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00:00 - Introduction
01:27 - 1 Gold Bar
02:34 - 2 Gold Bars
05:40 - Cave Painting Clue (Optional)
07:10 - 3 Gold Bars
10:12 - 1 Gold Ingot
12:59 - Money Exploit
19:13 - Unlock Dual Wield
23:05 - Free Schofield Revolver
27:37 - Free Weapon of Choice
32:59 - Free Lancaster Repeater
35:05 - Free Double Action Revolver
37:10 - Free Semi-Auto Shotgun

#rdr2 #reddead #reddeadredemption #arthurmorgan #gaming #ps5

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We are happy to announce that the 1.50 update for American Truck Simulator has been released and is now available on Steam. This update contains bug fixes, changes, and new content, which are featured in the video and in the blog below!

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My Journey as a solo game developer from starting out to working on my third steam release. Ill go over all the methods I took and share with you guys my thoughts on the reality of solo game development. Its been a long road but Ive loved every bit of it and im excited for what the future holds!

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Game that REFUSES to Die: Euro Truck Simulator 2 // Why Euro Truck Simulator 2 is still being played by so many people?! Let's Find Out!

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Monitor 1 - Massdrop Vast:
Monitor 2 - Acer GN246HL
Keyboard - Custom Built Corne
Mouse - Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED:
Headset - Logitech G PRO X Wireless:
Gaming Earbuds - Angry Miao Cyberblade:
Camera - Sony A7C:

🎥 Titanfall 2 Review in 2023 // Is It Worth it to Buy?! -
🎥 Frontier Pilot Simulator Review - Gameplay That's Worth It in 2023?! -
🎥 Deep Rock Galactic Review - Is It Worth to Buy It in 2023?! -
🎥 Satisfactory Review // Is It Worth It in 2023?! -
🎥 Game Reviews:

• 0:00

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Hi, My name is Nick Nyxson and I am a full-time online instructor, streamer, and Entrepreneur.
Mind that everything in this video is based on my personal opinions and experiences which may be different from yours.

Everything about Gaming, Reviews, Discussions, Gameplays and much more

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• euro truck simulator 2
• ets2
• euro truck simulator
• euro truck simulator 2 2023
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• euro truck sim 2
• euro truck simulator 2 video game review
• euro truck simulator 2 2023 review
• euro truck simulator 2 worth it

#eurotrucksimulator2 #ets2

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This is what Tony Hawk's Underground looks like in 2023.

1:11 Importing the Map
4:13 Remastering the Map
7:00 Characters
10:38 Will It Skate?
11:48 Adding A Goal
12:26 Playthrough

Mariella Cassar
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Xbox's Exclusive Problem has been a conversation I keep seeing come up, time and time again. It seems like The Xbox exclusive games list was stronger when they started out than it is today and a lot of discussions have sprung up through the years about that topic. This video today is from Ardrid who dives a bit deeper into the topic.

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Xbox Has Revealed The Start Of The Year Xbox Game Pass Games this January plus we take a look at more games announced and some BIG Rumored titles headed to Game Pass.

I've partnered with Xbox and Famehype on my website To SELL Xbox Game Pass Credit & Game Pass Subscriptions! Click The Link And Buy Directly From My Site CURRENTLY A 5% DISCOUNT SITEWIDE WITH CODE: Xboxcentral ----

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0:00 Hell Let Loose
1:07 Close To The Sun
1:45 AC Valhalla
2:35 Figment
3:24 Super Mega Baseball 4
4:14 Resident Evil 2 Remake
5:06 Those Who Remain
5:51 We Happy Few
6:39 Marvel's Blade
7:33 Overdose
8:26 Harmonium
8:48 Persona 3 Reload
9:08 Turnip Boy Robs A Bank
9:24 Go Mecha Ball
9:42 Nirvana Noir
10:12 Open Roads
10:34 Sopa
11:08 Botany Manor
11:30 Magical Delicacy
12:02 Immortals of Aveum
12:50 Baldur's Gate Coming To Game PASS?!
13:52 MetaquestVR Xbox Game Pass

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