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Paul Tingley
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Check out Twingate, start making your network more secure and safe:

In this video, I will share my essential best practices and configuration settings for Proxmox, a powerful hypervisor platform. I'll walk you through crucial settings for any new Proxmox installation and tips for setting up new virtual machines, aiming to enhance the robustness, security, and performance of your setups. Join me as we delve into keeping your Proxmox server updated, configuring storage, and managing backups.


- Proxmox Cluster:
- Twingate Video:
- Proxmox Templates with Packer:
- Proxmox VM automation with Terraform:


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00:00 Introduction
02:25 Configure Updates
05:19 Notifications
06:36 Trusted TLS Certificates
12:19 Storage Options
14:39 Setup Backup Jobs
17:37 Enable PCI Passthrough
19:34 VM best-practices
23:46 VM templates

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Paul Tingley
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Paul Tingley
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#hacker #cybersecurity #osint
How To Install CSI Linux - Master CSI Linux for OSINT! InfoSec Pat

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All my videos are for learning and education purposes. Please always have permission to do an assessment on your target or client. I do all my videos in my home lab. I have full permission to my home network lab and VMs. Thank you and let's have fun learning together!

Mariella Cassar
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Rowan is an idiot, he's the virus in TechTown. Luckily the new IT guy Theo knows how to fit a computer
Check Theo out!




Epic NPC Man:
PUBG Logic:
FPS Logic:
Souls Logic:
Music Videos:

Mariella Cassar
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Have you ever watched multiple FPS Guides, but they just simply don't work? Well, I'll be covering all the FPS boost/optimization tricks that I have learnt, explaining it and letting you know if it increases my FPS or not.

EDIT: For the workshop map, I showed the CS:GO directory, CS2 directory is located at Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\730.

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on PC specs. + means Works, - means unsure.
0:00 Intro
0:25 Test Format
1:00 Levels Explanation

1:34 Close Apps +
1:57 Disable Startup Apps +
2:07 Uninstall Apps -
2:25 Disable Animated Wallpaper +
2:28 Empty Second Monitor +
2:44 XBox Game Bar OFF -
2:50 Game Mode OFF +
3:06 Graphics Settings -
3:13 HAGS OFF +
3:22 Privacy Settings -
4:04 NVIDIA Settings +
5:16 CS2 Settings +
8:06 CS2 Commands +
8:40 CS2 Launch Options +
9:41 Verify Integrity +
9:53 Software +

10:16 Shadow Quality Low +
Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(number)\730\local\cfg\cs2_video.txt
11:15 Disable Fullscreen Optimization +
Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike: Global Offensive\game\bin\win64
11:37 Delete Workshop Maps +
Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps
Directory 2: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps\workshop
Directory 3: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps\graphs\workshop
12:32 Delete More Files +
13:16 Boot Options -
13:30 Power Plan +
Ultimate Performance Plan: powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
14:35 Corrupt Files +
Command 1: sfc /scannow
Command 2: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
14:55 C: Drive -

15:12 Disable SMT -
15:41 Debloated NVIDIA Driver -
17:02 Registry Editor -
Directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile
NetworkThrottlingIndex = ffffffff (Hexadecimal)
SystemResponsiveness = 0 (Hexadecimal)
GPU Priority = 8 (Hexadecimal)
Priority = 6 (Hexadecimal)
Scheduling Category = High
SFIO Priority = High
18:10 Upgrade PC +++++

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I watched 121 FPS guides and they’re full of lies


Mariella Cassar
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In this video you will learn about all features of namecheap dns records, whether you want to point your domain to your vps, shopify, wix or to namecheap shared hosting or just want to add your new nameserver records. You can learn to do all that from this video.

For verifying dns records -
More info

0:00Dashboard Management
0:22 Nameservers Settings
0:50 Webhosting DNS
1:01 custom nameservers
1:35 Advance DNS option
1:53 Shopify template
2:27 Add A, CNAME, TXT and MX record
6:14 Verify new records

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Mariella Cassar
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In this we will install the cpanel and login to the cpanel using the domain url and we will mapping the cpanel ip with our domain name.

Cpanel installation Commands :-
1] Stop the firewall service
iptables-save ~/firewall.rules
systemctl stop ufw.service
systemctl disable ufw.service
systemctl stop firewalld.service
systemctl disable firewalld.service

2] Upgrade the system
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

3] add the domain name entry in host file :-
vi /etc/hosts
server Ip domain-name

4] cpanel installation script :-
cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

5] Login to your cpanel / whm

URL Based :-

Mariella Cassar
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👍 Revo Uninstaller is a useful utility to remove things from your computer that won't otherwise uninstall or uninstall completely.

👍 Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller, available in free and paid versions, is a solution for incomplete or failed uninstalls. It goes beyond standard uninstalls by scanning for leftover files and registry entries. It can also uninstall Windows built-in apps. I recommend it when dealing with any uninstallation problems.

Updates, related links, and more discussion:

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✅ Watch next ▶ Uninstalling Software You Don't Need ▶

0:00 Uninstall Things
0:35 When uninstall doesn't work
0:50 Revo Uninstaller
3:50 Uninstall cleanup
4:45 What might be left over
6:30 Windows apps

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#askleo #uninstall #revo

Mariella Cassar
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Setting a clean Windows 11 is difficult with all the built-in bloat. This guide fixes all that to give you a clean system that is easy to manage.

Website Guide:

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Mariella Cassar
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An absolutely massive windows 11 optimization guide to make your system snappy and maybe even gain some extra FPS. You have all been asking for it and here it is. No music so you can leave it on in the background and chapter markers so you can skip around to your hearts content!

Spectre/Meltdown patch:

🔐Sponsor; VIP-SCDkey Windows 10/11 Pro Key for under $15 (Use 30% Coupon BFTYC) -

00:00 Intro
00:27 Misc. Tweaks
10:47 Settings App
29:44 NVIDIA Control Panel
36:02 Radeon Control Panel
40:21 Outro

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#windows11 #pcgaming #windows11iso

Mariella Cassar
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In this video you will learn that how to connect Hetzner cloud VM using SSH from your local linux machine.
If you have question please comment. I will answer your questions asap.

Mariella Cassar
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In this video I will be discussing a recent update to Plex that sends email notices to your friends and family, including information about what you have been watching. This is a huge privacy concern! I will walk you through my thoughts on the update and how to disable the setting on your Plex server.

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Links mentioned:
Reddit post:
How to disable settings:

#plex #nas

Mariella Cassar
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In this video we will guide through the entire process of how to install and configure CSF firewall in cpanel server. CSF recognizes many attacks such as syn flood and login brute force attack on many services.

The Points Cover In This Video :
Introduction to CSF firewall
Pre-Requirement For Smooth Installation
Downloading and Installation of CSF on cpanel server
Configuring CSF Settings
Whitelisting and Blacklisting IP Addresses
Advance Security Features
Monitoring Firewall Activities and logs

So watch this video till and know about how to install and configure the CSF(configServer firewall) firewall in cpanel server. Please feel free to comment below if you have any doubts.
#csf #firewall #installation #configure #cpanel #server

Mariella Cassar
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For those wondering why this matters, wHy nOT JuST hAvE ApPlE fIX iT, sometimes Apple tells customers they need an entire motherboard replacement when the only issue with the machine is the angle sensor:

Not allowing us access to the tool to do the repair means the customer is forced to pay Apple for motherboard replacement when they do not need it.

Learn more about the issue here:

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› Micro Soldering Pencil:
› Hot tweezers:
› Atten ST-862D hot air station with bent nozzles:

› TS100 soldering iron:
› Recommended tips: TS-C4: TS-KU

✓ Preferred Soldering Tips
› Fine:
› Flat:
› GPU wicking:
› Micro soldering tip:

✓ Microscopes:
› Microscope:
› Barlow lens:
› LED light:
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✓ Soldering/Repair Supplies:
› Solder:
› Desoldering braid:
› Flux:
› Solder paste:
› THICK insulated jumper wire:
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› Kapton tape:
› Tweezers:
› Blades:
› Freeze Spray:
› Conformal coating:
› Conformal coating curing pen:

✓ Diagnostic tools:
› USB amp meter:
› USB-C amp meter:
› On-Screen multimeter:
› Multimeter Probes:
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› Bench PSU: CSI3005P
› Phoneboard:
› Boardview software:

✓ Ultrasonic Cleaning:
› CELLPHONES ONLY: Crest P230H-45:
› Branson EC cleaning fluid:

✓ Desk supplies:
› Desk:
› Chair:
› Fume Extractor:
› Work mat:
› Outlets:
› Gloves:
› Durable lightning cable:
› Fine tipped snippers:

› Work cam:
› Overhead cam:
› Work mic:
› Home mic:
› Microscope camera: - mine is DISCONTINUED, closest one I can find.
› HDMI capture:

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Demon Bowman
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You have a lot of good old hard drives, you want to merge them and create a private cloud server. This video will help you do that

Part 2 :
HDD 1TB Western Digital
HDD 8TB Seagate

Dream 600K Sub
#netvn #cloudstorage #nextcloud

Paul Tingley
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New kernel exploit revealed by TheFlow that could lead to Jailbreaks on higher firmwares for the PS4 & PS5. Cyb1k working on backporting the leaked Marvel's Wolverine build, PS5 Game backups playable via Itemzflow and more.

Previous Updates:

Zeco's Post:

Kameleon's PSFree Post:

Cyb1K Wolverine Post:

Sleirsgoevy's Porting Tool Update:
0:00 - New Kernel Exploit
6:29 - PSFree WebKit Updates
7:14 - Kstuff Porting Update
8:02 - Wolverine Backport for PS5
8:51 - Itemzflow Game Backups
Outro: Paul Flint - Sock It To Them -
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Paul Tingley
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the process of migrating arm64 docker was a process that must be done since some of my dockers struggles on.

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SPONSORS: Snag a OEM Windows 10/11 key for $16 and use code 'SKGS' for a 25% discount:
➡ Learn more about be quiet Pure Rock 2 FX!

Welcome to Fix or Flop! We're up to Season 4, Episode 19. This viewer's gaming PC doesn't power on! Can it be fixed? By the way, if you live in the Orlando, FL area and have an issue with your PC, apply to have it (possibly) fixed for free today!

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Demon Bowman
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#trollspeed #trollstore #ios16 #ios15 in this video I will show how to get a display of current network speed on iPhone / iPad with TrollSpeed. Trollstore must be installed in advance in order to install TrollSpeed. The method along with the apps shown in this video is completely free for everyone.

Trollstore 2 Installation Guides:
Guide 1:
Guide 2:

Downgrade Guides:
Futurerestore Windows Downgrade:
Full A9/A8 downgrade guide:
Full A10 downgrade guide:
A11 downgrade guide:
Downr1n downgrade iOS No SHSH Blobs:

---Other jailbreaks---
Palera1n Jailbreak iOS 15.8:
How to jailbreak iOS 12.5.7 Checkra1n:
How to Jailbreak iOS 16.7.2:
Checkra1n Windows Without USB:
How to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6:

Topics Covered:
TrollSpeed iOS 16
TrollSpeed iOS 15
Get Network Speed on iPhone
Other useful videos for you to watch:
How to install altstore on your iPhone / iPad using Windows:

How to install / sideload Any .iPA file using Altstore:

How to install checkra1n on Linux: FULL GUIDE

How to Jailbreak with checkra1n in CLI mode:

How to get checkra1n on MACOS: (all versions have the same process)

How to get iTunes running on Linux:

How to fix Checkra1n stuck on Linux:

How to bypass jailbreak detection using Liberty Lite:
by FlyJB:

How to fix battery drain on checkra1n jailbroken devices:

How to save SHSH2 Blobs for Future Downgrading:

How to setup UTM:

Palera1n Jailbreak iOS 15/16/17:

Checkra1n Jailbreak:

iOS Downgrade to unsigned iOS versions:

Phoenix Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5/9.3.6:

The content available on this YouTube channel is for educational and informational purposes only. This YouTube channel does not provide, advise or cause any loss or damage to the viewer and all of the content is intended for educational purposes only under fair use. I do not intend to promote stealing or to promote illegal activities. Jailbreaking is 100% legal and is covered under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Under this act, you can Jailbreak your device legally. In this video, nothing illicit is shown and does not promote piracy. In Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Mariella Cassar
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Get a one week FREE TRIAL for Duet Display here:

If you've been asking yourself, what gear do I need to start a youtube channel in 2024? Or, can I start a youtube channel on a budget? I got you...

Welcome to my new studio space! I've gone all-in on YouTube, giving up my other 'day job' in IT business management coaching. In this video, I run through the best gear I have and give away a few little 'secrets' about what you REALLY ACTUALLY need to start a YouTube channel in 2024.

Check out the gear featured here:

❤️ Thank you Patreons!:
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⏩ Skip to these time stamps
0:00 I'm Done Being a Part Time YouTuber
01:28 What do you need to be a full time YouTuber?
02:01 Getting a Good Background
04:11 What lighting?
06:07 Desk-tops ARE important! So is your chair!
09:36 The best top-down setup!
10:15 What is a YouTuber ornament?
11:15 How to decorate your space
13:10 Beating the challenge of bad audio!
16:16 Those flippin' Ikea fake plants!
16:53 A-Roll camera setup
19:34 Professional lighting setups - are they needed?
21:19 My Channel Manager acting like an idiot in the kitchen
21:46 Stuff you really don't need, but really DO WANT
22:36 The BASIC CHEAPEST setup you need.

#petematheson #duetdisplay #hermanmillerpartner @hermanmiller
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Website: https://[a][/a]

My name is Pete and from 2011, I started and grew an IT Support and Services Company from £0 to over £1m in turnover before selling the business in 2020. New video's every week! I upload videos around the latest and greatest tech.

📈 Business Enquiries 📈

Disclosures: All opinions are my own. Some links in the descriptions are affiliate links that if you click on, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

--SMPOST--How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2024 (The CHEAPEST Way)

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