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Armin van Buuren's 9th studio album 'Breathe In' is OUT NOW! 🎶
Discover the 'Breathe In' album ➡️
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Two years ago, everything just came together at the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam. The artists I’ve worked with, my sweet fans and my wonderful family, friends and colleagues were all there for a unique show that means the world to me, both personally and as a career milestone. As a thank you for all of your amazing, undying support, I’d like to share with you the amazing journey that was ‘The Best Of Armin Only’.

00:00:00 Armin van Buuren - Overture (The Best Of Armin Only)
00:15:42 Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior
00:19:20 Armin van Buuren and W&W - D# Fat
00:21:48 Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You / Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You (Mark Sixma Remix)
00:26:20 Armin van Buuren feat. Angel Taylor - Make It Right
00:30:38 Armin van Buuren feat. BullySongs - Freefall (Manse Remix)
00:33:48 Armin van Buuren & Mark Sixma - Panta Rhei
00:36:40 Armin van Buuren feat. Kensington - Heading Up High / Armin van Buuren feat. Kensington - Heading Up High (First State Remix)
00:41:50 Armin van Buuren - My Symphony (The Best Of Armin Only Anthem)
00:47:05 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&W - Arcade
00:51:00 Avancada vs Darius & Finlay - Xplode (Yoel Lewis & Graham Bell Remix)
00:53:21 Armin van Buuren feat. Cimo Fränkel - Strong Ones
00:56:28 Armin van Buuren & Cosmic Gate - Embargo
01:00:21 Armin van Buuren & W&W - If It Ain't Dutch
01:03:50 Armin van Buuren - This Is A Test (Arkham Knights Remix)
01:08:50 Kryder - Dogs On Acid
01:09:38 Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us (Armin van Buuren Great Strings Mix) / Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us (FEEL New Banging Mix)
01:14:40 Armin van Buuren - Orbion (2017 Revision)
01:17:20 Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Red Light Dub)
01:21:24 Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (W&W Remix)
01:28:12 Armin van Buuren ft. Josh Cumbee - Sunny Days (Club Mix)
01:32:30 Hardwell & Armin van Buuren - Off The Hook / Armin van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You
01:37:20 Mark Sixma - Adagio For Strings
01:43:37 Wildstylez & Audiotricz - Turn The Music Up! / Fast Distance - Frontera / Mr. Probz - Waves
01:45:42 Willem de Roo - Hyperdrive
01:46:40 Armin van Buuren - Communication (David Gravell Remix)
01:49:50 Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (2017 Revision)
01:55:07 Armin van Buuren - I Live For That Energy (ASOT 800 Anthem)
01:59:37 Ben Gold - I'm In A State Of Trance (ASOT 750 Anthem)
02:06:55 Armin van Buuren - Sail
02:11:30 Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear
02:15:30 Armin van Buuren feat. Jan Vayne - Serenity
02:20:30 Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone (Arena Mix)
02:26:47 Armin van Buuren feat. BullySongs - Caught In The Slipstream / Armin van Buuren feat. BullySongs - Caught In The Slipstream (KhoMha Remix)
02:32:41 MaRLo - Visions
02:35:47 Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star feat. Betsie Larkin - Again (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
02:39:00 Mark Sherry meets Space Frog & Derb feat. The Grim Reaper - Follow Me (Psyburst Mix)
02:42:15 Armin Van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - EIFORYA (Talla 2XLC Remix) / Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space
02:44:40 Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe - Great Spirit / Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe - Great Spirit (Wildstylez Remix)
02:50:40 Armin van Buuren vs Human Resource - Dominator (Festival Mix)
02:54:40 Armin van Buuren vs The Ultimate Seduction - The Ultimate Seduction
02:57:52 Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Arena Mix)
03:06:07 Armin van Buuren feat. Gavin DeGraw - Looking For Your Name


Paul Tingley
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Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.

Watch Full Episodes Now:

Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

Prime Video has thousands of popular movies and TV shows, including award-winning Amazon Originals, plus live sport and more. All included with Prime!

#thegrandtour #primevideo #tesla

Paul Tingley
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☀️ New "Totally Normal" shirt:

I found an old, teeny tiny Sony VAIO laptop. Let's install a teeny tiny linux distro - Puppy! We'll try both the Ubuntu version, and Debian Bookworm.

☀️Puppy Linux:


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#linux #sony #vaio

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Thanks again to GL.iNet for sponsoring this video and sending us a unit to take a look at. Use the links and the codes below to pick up a Beryl AX at a sweet discount:

Get a $5 off on Beryl AX with this code: MT3K5OFF
This offer is valid until the end of November

Get 10% off on Beryl AX on GL.iNet Amazon Stores with this code: 10MT3000
This offer is valid until 16 Nov
Amazon UK Store link:

If you think that routers are lame, think again! GL.iNet has redefined the game with their cute and cuddly router that packs a punch AND fits in your pocket. What makes this router so special? Jake is here to take a look at it and show us its functions.

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

Want us to unbox something? Make a suggestion at



0:00 Intro
0:35 What's in the box
1:28 First look
3:02 Setting it up
4:15 Speed test
5:20 Web panel and functions
6:05 Multi-WAN
6:38 Failover
8:49 WiFi settings
9:47 GoodCloud
10:05 Network Storage
10:32 Ad-blocking?
10:58 Parental Control
11:06 Peer to Peer VPNs
11:20 Firewall
11:35 Network Mode
14:37 Outro

Paul Tingley
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It will be easy. How to take a passport photo to save twenty bucks.


First time here? Hi, I'm Omar Gonzalez, a professional portrait and event photographer in the NYC/NJ area. On this channel, we talk about cameras, lenses, tech, and techniques to improve our photography.

My business:

Social Follow/Contact me

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This one filmed ON:


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My favorite vlogging camera:
Camera I use for Youtube:
For Shallow DOF I use this Lens:
Perfect Wide Zoom:
For Easy Vlog or Motovlog-Gopro:
THE BEST Vlogging Mini-tripod:
Shotgun Mic:
Wireless Mic:
Small Vlogging Mic: or
Cheap Podcast or Voiceover Mic:
Podcast Audio Recorder:

Main Light:
Small LED Light I use for color:

Camera Mounted to my desk on:
SD card of choice:

Working/Pro Gear
Nikon Event Photography Camera of Choice:
2nd Budget Choice:
Photographer’s Desk Items:
Aukey light:
Hard drive that holds my catalogs:
Drives that hold my photos:
Time Machine Drive:
My SATA reader:
My music receiver:
The Ben-Q screen bar:

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Thanks to Baseus for sponsoring! Check out the new Spacemate 11 in 1 HUB at, and get 5% off with code SPACEMATE

The other day I found a 21.5 inch iMac discarded in the trash room in my apartment building, so I snatched it and today we're going to try to fix it up! Even though it might be old or broken, it's never a good idea to throw out your old tech. Today I'll show that with some elbow grease and a few bucks in parts you can fix up a broken machine like this and save it from the landfill!

time stamps
0:00 What a trash find
2:35 Testing the iMac
4:00 How much to fix it?
5:25 Why this Mac was thrown out
6:33 Let's fix it!
8:48 Disassembly
12:14 Upgrades :)
15:34 Massive improvement!
17:30 Was it cost effective?

Reach out:
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iFixit Pro Toolkit:
Sony A7Siii:
Sennheiser MKH 416:
Zoom H6:
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In this tutorial video, I'll show you how to Create Your Own Custom Windows ISO with Preinstalled Software Included for FREE! I recently created a custom Windows 11 ISO file for my own personal use and decided to record and share the process with you. So, if you've been wondering how to create a custom Windows 11 image that has software preinstalled which can be used for mass deployment, this video is for you as I'll take you through the entire process step-by-step.





This video is for educational purposes only and demonstrates general troubleshooting techniques and procedures. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your computer or software by following these steps. Use this information at your own risk. It is always advisable to seek professional assistance if you are not comfortable performing these procedures yourself. Additionally, some software and tools featured in this video may have specific licensing requirements or limitations. Please ensure you are using them in accordance with their respective terms of use.
#customwindowsiso #customwindows11 #windowsisowithpreinstalledsoftware

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Happy New Year!

Please consider following my Instagram for some more regular updates:

Cheers to the end of 2022, lots of upgrades and projects planned along with tech reviews coming in 2023. Closing out the year by sharing all of the details in the current setup! Links to some of the items below:

Buy the theater seats via these links based on the country, lots of different models to choose from but link to this specific model is below:
US Buyers:
Canada Buyers:


Equipment list in the theater:

JVC NX7 Projector
110" EluneVision Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K NanoEdge Fixed-Frame Screen
Anthem AVM70 Preprocessor
Emotiva XDA-5 GEN1 Amplifier
Emotiva XDA-5 GEN2 Amplifier
Dayton Audio SA230 Bass Shaker Amplifier
AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier (bridged for 1 channel)
Polk RTiA9 towers (LCR) x 3
Polk RC65 in wall surrounds x 4
Polk RC60i In Ceiling ATMOS x 4
Paradigm Defiance X15 Subwoofer x 2
SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer x 2
Minidsp 2x4 hd
ADX Maximus Bass Shakers x 4
Nvidia Shield Pro (2019)
HTPC (powering media display for movie posters and for gaming)
Sony Playstation 5
Logitech Harmony Hub with Ultimate Remote
Google Home (light control and voice control)
Furman M-8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector
PANAMAX PMXMD2, 2-Outlet Max 2 Surge Protector
Samsung 46" Video Wall LCD display x 2
Samsung 32" Smart Signage Display x 2
Front Row: Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seats
Back Row: Valencia Tuscany Console Edition Theater Seating
Dedicated 15A Circuit x 2
Dedicated 20A Circuit
Lutron Smart Dimmer lights integrated with Harmony
Several different media servers with 20 TB of UHD Blurays from my collection

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Check out Twingate, start making your network more secure and safe:

In this video, I will share my essential best practices and configuration settings for Proxmox, a powerful hypervisor platform. I'll walk you through crucial settings for any new Proxmox installation and tips for setting up new virtual machines, aiming to enhance the robustness, security, and performance of your setups. Join me as we delve into keeping your Proxmox server updated, configuring storage, and managing backups.


- Proxmox Cluster:
- Twingate Video:
- Proxmox Templates with Packer:
- Proxmox VM automation with Terraform:


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My Gear and Equipment



00:00 Introduction
02:25 Configure Updates
05:19 Notifications
06:36 Trusted TLS Certificates
12:19 Storage Options
14:39 Setup Backup Jobs
17:37 Enable PCI Passthrough
19:34 VM best-practices
23:46 VM templates

Links can include affiliate links.

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Copilot+
1:53 Snapdragon X Elite
5:06 Recall
9:58 Cocreator
11:18 Live Captions
13:00 NPU
13:59 New Surface
18:54 Lenovo Yoga 7X
20:05 Is It Worth It?

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Get ready for the lunacy as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike bring the Biggest LED production show in the world with their new "Bringing The Madness" Antwerp Arena shows

International superstars Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have earned themselves something of a solid reputation for throwing some of the biggest parties found in the years clubbing calendar. Whether it’s in Ibiza with their House of Madness residency or their mainstage closing set at Tomorrowland, fans the world over come to witness the Belgian brothers jaw dropping performances. And one of their parties that has cultivated an army of passionate followers is their annual end of year extravaganza – Bringing The Madness! Spread across 4 dates and housed at the Sportpaleis Antwerp, this year’s homecoming show saw an incredible 80,000 fans join the brothers for arguably the biggest and most insane party of the year. Now you can relive the occasion in full HD as the duo release the official Bringing The Madness liveset online.

Year-on-year tickets for the now-legendary homecoming event have been flown out at a rapid rate with this previous show seeing a whopping 60,000 tickets snapped up in under 60 minutes; encouraging the brothers to add another weekend to the schedule. With only the likes of U2, Madonna, Coldplay and Beyoncé achieving such devoted fan support at the Antwerpen Sportpaleis, it’s a testament to the pulling power of a Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike show.

Somehow managing to raise the bar once again with an insane level of production, thanks to the dedication and creativity of the Tomorrowland family, the 2016 edition of Bringing The Madness was undoubtedly the biggest, boldest and most out-there show yet! With guest appearances from the likes of Lost Frequencies, Afojack and ex-Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello, the brothers delivered in every which way expected from them much to the ecstatic roar of the 80,000 strong crowd across the 4 nights.

As two of the most prominent faces of the dance scene in a generation, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike not only boast a plethora of anthemic records under their belt in hits such as ‘Higher Place’, ‘The Hum’ and their most recent single ‘Hey Baby’ with Diplo (currently at 25 million+ Spotify streams), but are also the true kings of both the festival mainstage and the arena hall spectacle. For evidence of this bold statement, check out 2.30 hours of unadulterated, pure high-octane dancefloor insanity.

Follow Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on Spotify:

Relive the MADNESS with these exclusive Spotify playlists:
The Official Tomorrowland Playlist:
This is Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike:
The Smash The House Radio Playlist:

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Most Antivirus software is terrible... let's break down what they look like in 2024! .

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working on consolidating my servers which means i will be moving some dockers from my pi-hosted arm64 to amd64 proxmox in lxc container form. thank for the view

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macOS 15 anticipated New features & New Changes.

ⓘTime Stampsⓘ
00:00 - MacOS 15 Name
00:44 - MacOS 15 Beta 1 release date
01:00 - Free macOS 15 download
01:51 - System settings changes
04:44 - Sad Siri update
05:40 - Lack of colour
05:57 - Calculator
06:16 - Ai artificial intelligence integration
06:40 - printable account recovery reports
06:50 - iCloud performance
07:00 - airdrop updates
07:14 - new wallpapers and screen saver
08:00 - stay updated

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Wireless mic: Hollyland Lark Max

Govee Light stand: I have 2 of these:

Legato can link 4K: I have 2 of these. One per camera:

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Sand bags:

Hdmi to micro hdmi cable:

Lanzi Hair Light:

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Desk Mat:

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Ready to get a job in IT? Start studying RIGHT NOW with ITPro: (30% off FOREVER) *affiliate link

Discover how to set up your own powerful, private AI server with NetworkChuck. This step-by-step tutorial covers installing Ollama, deploying a feature-rich web UI, and integrating stable diffusion for image generation. Learn to customize AI models, manage user access, and even add AI capabilities to your note-taking app. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or looking to enhance your workflow, this video provides the knowledge to harness the power of AI on your local machine. Join NetworkChuck on this exciting journey into the world of private AI servers.

📓📓Guide and Commands:

⌨️⌨️My new keyboard: Keychron Q6 Max:

🖥️🖥️My Computer Build🖥️🖥️
➡️Lian Li Case:
➡️CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D Raphael AM5 4.2GHz 16-Core:
➡️Power Supply - Corsair AX1600i 1600 Watt 80 Plus Titanium:
➡️CPU AIO - Lian Li Galahad II LCD-SL Infinity 360mm Water Cooling Kit:
➡️Storage - Samsung 990 PRO 2TB Samsung:
➡️RAM - G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB 64GB (2 x 32GB):
➡️GPU - MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM LIQUID X 24G Hybrid Cooling 24GB:

🔥🔥Join the NetworkChuck Academy!:

**Sponsored by ITProTv from ACI Learning

00:00 - Intro: Building an AI Server for My Daughters
01:01 - Meet Terry: My Powerful AI Server Build
02:02 - Installing PopOS on the AI Server
02:38 - What You Need to Build Your Own Local AI Server
02:58 - Step 1: Installing Ollama AI Foundation
04:24 - Sponsor: ITPro Training from ACI Learning
05:20 - Testing Ollama Installation and Adding Models
06:07 - Interacting with Llama2 AI Model Locally
07:45 - Comparing AI Performance on Different Hardware
08:18 - Step 2: Setting Up Open WebUI
09:31 - Logging into Open WebUI for the First Time
10:06 - Admin Panel: User Management and Permissions
11:07 - Customizing AI Models with Prompts and Restrictions
13:03 - Step 3: Installing Stable Diffusion with Automatic1111
15:52 - Prerequisites and Python Version Management with pyenv
17:21 - Installing Automatic1111 Web UI
18:20 - Testing Stable Diffusion Image Generation Locally
19:23 - Integrating Stable Diffusion into Open Web UI
21:17 - Bonus 1: Using Documents for Context in Open Web UI
21:59 - Bonus 2: Integrating Local AI with Obsidian Note-Taking
23:37 - Wrap-up: The Power and Potential of Local AI

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fast and reliable unifi in the cloud:

1. Set up a private AI server
2. Install Llama for local AI
3. Deploy an AI web UI
4. Integrate stable diffusion AI
5. Generate AI images locally
6. Customize AI models
7. Manage user access for AI server
8. Add AI to note-taking apps
9. NetworkChuck AI server tutorial
10. Run AI on your own hardware
11. Local machine learning server
12. Llama AI installation guide
13. Open source AI server setup
14. Self-hosted AI solutions
15. Enhance workflow with private AI
16. Harness AI power locally
17. AI-powered note-taking
18. Privacy-focused AI tools
19. DIY AI server project
20. Cutting-edge AI technologies
21. Democratizing AI access
22. Empowering users with local AI
23. Offline AI capabilities
24. Future of private AI computing

#aiserver #ollama #llama3

Paul Tingley
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Taking A Passport Photo: Passport and Visa Photos tend to last for a long time. If you are going to have to use one for the next 10 years you might as well be happy with it. In this episode, Dave Vickers, shows you how to set up and take a perfect passport photograph.

Paul Tingley
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Welcome to Techdox! In this video, we dive into Tailscale VPN, the ultimate tool for seamless, secure network connections. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, remote worker, or just someone looking to simplify their network security, Tailscale has got you covered.

Useful Links:
Techdox Docs:
Discord Channel:

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Thanks to Broadcom buying and messing up VMware, I'm on the look for a new lab hypervisor. I've recently bought new hardware to give me flexibility to test and I'm ready to get my new hypervisor loaded!

In this video I walk through installing and configuring Ubuntu 22.04, integrating with Morpheus CMP, and deploying a KVM + Ceph hypervisor known at 'MVM'.

Morpheus Data:

Morpheus Community Edition:

00:00 - Intro & Hardware
02:28 - Installing Ubuntu 22.04
08:39 - Confirming Configurations
13:21 - Installing MVM Cluster
22:22 - Deploying the First VM!
27:45 - Outro

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#broadcom #vmware #kvm #ceph #hypervisor #homelab #morpheus #cloud #esxi #nutanix #ubuntu #ubuntuserver #howto #tutorial

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